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Asphalt Paving in Cold Weather

Just like in hot weather, asphalt surfaces can take a hit in very cold weather conditions. Frigid weather causes freezing and thawing, resulting in cracks and damaging the structural integrity of asphalt surfaces.

If there are cracks and holes on your asphalt pavement, precipitation such as rain, snow, and hail can also seep into the inner layer of your asphalt, causing damage to the surface and shortening its life expectancy.

How to Prevent Asphalt Damage

Using Hot-Mix Asphalt

Hot-mix asphalt is a pavement type that consists of petroleum, stone, & sand, and is designed to withstand the freeze-thaw cycle of the cold months. It is strong, durable and is unaffected by salts and other deicing compounds. Hot-mix asphalt pavement is also perfect for cold weather because it is engineered to expand instead of cracking and breaking.

Using Porous Asphalt

Another way to prevent damage to asphalt surfaces in cold weather is to use a new advancement known as porous asphalt. This technology works by allowing water seep through asphalt surfaces into the local water tables. Porous asphalt prevents the pooling of water on road surfaces and makes road safer for users. Very durable, porous asphalt can last up to 2 decades before cracks appear.


The best way to prevent asphalt damage from cold weather is to sealcoat your asphalt surfaces every 2 to 3 years. The sealing material protects asphalt from the harsh elements of the weather and prevents water from seeping into the inner layer of the asphalt. Sealcoating also quickens the melting of ice and prevents damage from snow and frost. It is one of the best and cheapest methods to increase the life of your asphalt.

Asphalt Repair

Long before the cold months, it’s a good idea to inspect your asphalt for fractures, cracks, holes, and other damages. Doing this enables you to fix cracks and potholes as soon as they appear. If cracks are not repaired, water gets in and freezes, causing them to widen and worsen the damage. Repairing damages on asphalt pavements prevents worse structural issues and saves you a lot of money in costly repairs.

Getting quality installation and maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your asphalt. Contact us today for professional asphalt paving services that keep your asphalt surface in top condition even in extremely cold weather. Special thanks to My Paving Pros. They do asphalt paving in Roanoke VA and are very familiar with paving in cold weather.

How To Hire The Right Contractors for Repairing Potholes and Road Cracks

How To Hire The Right Contractors for Repairing Potholes and Road Cracks

Most of us have been through the annoying process of having to hire contractors for a particular type of project only to regret the decision due to poor quality of work, miscommunication, and host of many other problems.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the qualities that make a great contractor and someone you should hire for your road pavement and construction project.

Do They Listen?

Good contractors will listen to your concerns and what you need. Sometimes they will even disagree with you to make sure you are making the right decision instead of wasting money foolishly. They will consult with you on the particular project you may agree to work on and keep you updated with how things are going during the process.

Signs of an inexperienced or a bad contractor is someone who forces or pushes you into buying a service you don’t want or even need. If it’s just a matter of money and dollar signs, then most likely you should avoid them.

Are The On Time?

Before taking on a big project, test things out with small tasks and projects. If they consistently show up late without much to show for themselves, then you might be dealing with a company.

If they are late with small things, imagine how things will be if you end up working on a bigger project. Someone of good character will make sure to invest his/her time and give their attention as much as possible even to the smallest of things.

Do They Pay Attention To Detail?

This goes along with being on time and tardy. You have to test potential partners and contractors on the level of quality they produce in their work. Are they cutting corners in order to save costs or perhaps being a little careless?

Of course, depending on how much a particular project costs, there is only so much time, but even still, a company with good values will make sure they give you quality service and end product.

Are The Easy to Communicate With?

Communication is key. Problems arise when parties involved in a particular project don’t voice their concerns. Whenever you want to ask a question or whenever you are talking with them, do you feel anxious or a bit uneasy as if you have to hunt them down to get an answer or have something dealt with?

If so, it’s better to cut your losses and work with someone who you can easily communicate with and understand.

Finding The Best Pavement Repair and Construction Company in New York

If you need pavement repair services for your residential or commercial building, then we Bowser Blue LLC are the men for the job! From beginning to finish, we make sure your experience is as pleasant and as smooth as possible. We align ourselves with other pavers in the industry to make sure we all keep up with all new things in asphalt. Special thanks go out to Great West Asphalt out in Las Vegas. They have been doing asphalt paving in Las Vegas for over 15 years. 


We offer financing options with no down-payment, so give us a call anytime and contact us.

Pothole and Crack-Free Roads Reduce Traffic Accidents!

Pothole and Crack-Free Roads Reduce Traffic Accidents!

Do you own a business or perhaps are in charge of a small township or community and wondering whether you should make a budget for fixing any small bumps on the road?

Short answer is, YES! You Should! Maybe there are some other things that are important that needs to be allocated into your budget, but let me share with you a compelling reason why you should.

People’s safety and health should be the number one concern for your business and community. Having bad roads pose a lot of risks not only to your financial economy but it increases road accidents, deaths, and damages significantly.

Help Improve Business and Economy

When you have good road conditions the flow of traffic is smoother and it decreases any jams. Studies have shown that potholes and bad road conditions significantly increase the likelihood of accidents and traffic jams.

However, by fixing road conditions, better flow of traffic and less accidents will boost productivity of businesses and communities.

It’s Good For Morale

A lot of personal stress is caused by bad road conditions and traffic. If you want better morale and mental health for your community, one way to increase it is to fix any damages on the road as quickly and promptly as they appear.

Rain, snow, and heavy machinery can damage roads, so not only should you fix old cracks and potholes, but taking active measures to limit heavy construction trucks to designated roads, and using quality material for repairs and future construction, will help in the long run.

As road conditions improve, people will feel better about having to deal with less traffic and not having to deal with bumpy roads every morning to work.

Save Lives and Reduce Accidents

Imagine a scenario where a driver is minding his own business until he sees a nasty bump along the road, so in order to avoid it, he steers toward the right onto incoming traffic without realizing it.

If he is not careful and reacted out of habit or instinct, it can easily cause accidents and worse, death. Studies after studies show that good road conditions are necessary for reducing accidents and car-related deaths.

While it won’t necessarily decrease any other related car accidents and deaths due to other forms of human error or carelessness, it certainly will help decrease accidents that are easily preventable.

You Can Actually Fix Things Yourself

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to fix potholes and cracks in your neighborhood? If you are determined and really want to make a difference in your community or your surrounding, you can easily do it with a few group of friends who share the same purpose.

An Indian man, in fact, has filled more than 600 potholes in memory of his son who died because of an easily preventable accident.

He is not someone who has a great deal of money nor any modern equipment, but his efforts is saving the lives of hundreds of people and preventing many accidents every year.

Here’s Why You Need To Fix Your Driveway Pavement

Here’s Why You Need To Fix Your Driveway Pavement

Whenever you are driving to work or coming back home from work, do you often have to deal with a bad driveway path? We all know the feeling of bumps and it’s not pleasant. Though you yourself may deal with it and bear the burden, you may be hurting more than you think.

It’s Bad for Your Reputation

Even if you live an upscale house and neighborhood, the smallest flaws can stand out and be magnified. If you have friends who come over from time to time or you meeting someone new for the first time, or god forbid if you are meeting a client, a small crack or poor pavement planning can make hurt your reputation greatly.

First impressions are important and even if you have most of your things in order, the initial experience or the initial impression people might have of you will set the precedent for how they will interact with you and perceive you.

You don’t want a meeting or a deal to go under because of something that is very easily fixable.

For residential buildings, it’s not as bad, but for commercial and business buildings, you want to make sure that everything is in top order. Bowser Blue actually can provide you with a decent quote if you are looking for contractors who can help you fix any cracks and potholes in your parking lot or driveway.

Save Yourself The Heartache

If you ever decide to move offices or home or have a business that involves a lot of in out and driving from the parking lot, everytime you leave and come back to your office, you are could potentially damage whatever cargo you may be transporting.

For example: if you are a furniture moving or cleaning company or deal with expensive products, you don’t want to run the risk of damaging anything. A simple pothole or crack may seem like an easy thing to deal with or avoid, but people make mistakes and you can’t take human error out of the equation 100% of the time.

Fixing a pothole might cost you a few hundred dollars, but think of the potential loss and damage you could face if you break something of value due to that?

For Aesthetic Reasons

Going back to our first point, having a smooth and clean driveway and parking lot obviously looks better than broken and worn-down one.

You should fix any cracks and flaws simply for aesthetic reasons because in some way it does help with the morale. Imagine coming into your office with everything looking in top shape. It will help you start off your day with energy and productivity. Just like people hire out a trash removal company to keep their trash in-check, like this junk removal service in Santa Barbara that keeps things in order out there for businesses in the central coast of California, an asphalt paving company does the same thing for a business.

In the long run, it will have an effect on how you deal with your work and how you feel about coming into work.